All Things MUTE MATH

So it is official. I have pulled a hamstring jumping onto the Mute Math band wagon. Russ pointed me in their direction back in the fall. I listened to them but it never really clicked. This past weekend we went to their concert and it was a life changing experience. These guys are so on. They have so much talent. They are down right magicians on stage.

For those of you who wish to support this awesome band you can find some sweet resources here here and here. You can also check out their myspace here.

As a side note Russ found some of their old stuff when they were in a band called Earthsuit. I haven’t made my way through all the tracks yet but it is pretty awesome as well. These guys are gonna be big in 07. You better jump on the band wagon soon. While you’re at it buy a ticket to go see them before they start playing the stadiums and you need binoculars to see them.


2 Responses to “All Things MUTE MATH”

  1. ALRIGHT! FINE! …Ill buy the CD

    Yeah the Earthsuit days were fun. Those were the days when we got to see them with like less than 100 people!! Mutemath is on the verge of explosion now that the legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way! Get on board!!

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