Canadian Shampoo makes my hair soft.

So I am back from Montreal. Press check went well, but it has been confirmed…I hate the French! Believe me I have thought long and hard about this one and I have  three examples to back it up. Now lets not judge me quite yet. There are two types of people in Montreal. The French and and the people that tolerate the French. There is a large part of Montreal that refuse to speak English. They are set in there ways and really don’t like Americans. Then there are the rest of the people in Montreal. Who seem very pleasant and will go out of their way to make fun of you…then help you. Another thing I leaned while in Montreal is that the hotel shampoo makes my hair really soft and bouncy. Oh well it’s good to be back.


3 Responses to “Canadian Shampoo makes my hair soft.”

  1. So, why were you in Montreal…for one day????? Did I miss something, because I thought I saw you on the stage at church??

  2. I left sunday afternoon. I had to go because there was a package I designed being printed for the first time and I had to make sure it was done right.

  3. pantene


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