Vote For The Worst!


So I found my new cause. This lovely little organization encourages America to vote for the underdog, ha who am I kidding? They want you to vote for the worst singer on American Idol. Basically the idea is that each year hundreds of talented singers are turned away in order to let certain people on the show who will create easy targets for the judges. See the producers aren’t out to make an American Idol, (at least not since the first season) they’re out to make good television. American Idol is just another “reality” show that lets you interact somewhat with the characters involved. Come on if it were really about talent then Chris Daughtry would have won instead of this guy. To find out more info go here. If the worst person becomes the next American Idol maybe the show will implode and we can finally have our Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays nights back. Our kids will do their homework. Husbands and wives will spend more time together. Dogs will no longer be hurried to go to the bathroom between commercial breaks. Life will return to normal. Please help.


6 Responses to “Vote For The Worst!”

  1. I’m sure you realize that this site is probably the reason Chris didn’t win…

  2. Maybe so. He is a better man for it!

  3. Superdude, I am already on this one for you. Over the years I have maybe watched two episodes of this retarded show. I find absolutely no entertainment value at all here and wouldn’t support this program if it were the last thing on television! Other than that, I have no problem with it. B4T

  4. Dude, I totally see your point, You know I really dont think that the show is that bad, yes I watch it and do get some entertainment from it.
    So here are my two comments….1. I did not realize that there were actually good singers left out and the worst let through to promote better T.V. thanks for showing that.
    But there are a few good singers who have made it ie…Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, who might not have gotten that chance had the Idol show not been there?
    Good post makin me think!


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