Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

It is time once again…

5. “Read My Mind” By The Killers. This was a late addition hence the number 5 spot.

4. “Cadillac Phunque” By Family Force Five.

3. “Earthquake” By Family Force Five

2. “Replace Me” By Family Force Five

1. “My Love” By Justin Timberlake. I know what you are all thinking. Justin Timberlake….Really? Dude you have to hear this song. It is the perfect crusin with your lady with the windows down song. Or if you are single it’s perfect when trollin’ for slimmies!

As always post your 5!


6 Responses to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week.”

  1. ha ha ha ha….he said slimmies!!!! oh man…
    darn im gonna have to change my pants now….

  2. Earthquake – Family Force 5

    Replace Me – Family Force 5

    Oh The Glory of It All – David Crowder Band

    Lose My Soul – tobyMac

    Where I’m From – Digable Planets (The first CD I ever bought)

  3. Klampert man you must have like a little widget that lets you know when I post something because you are quick on the draw. Sorry about your pants. You might want to leave the wet ones on until after you view the first webasode of MUD & STEEL because I got a million of ’em baby!

  4. Oh man all this FF5 talk will place them back in my On The Go rotation of my iPod. Look for one to hit my top 5 next week.

    5. American Dream (Acoustic) – Switchfoot – off iTunes it is greatness!
    4. Here is Our King – DC*B – we’re doing it in church and forgot how much I loved this tune
    3. Glory in the Highest – Tomlin – wowed by it at the ‘concert’ of worship the other night
    2. Typical – MuteMath – new video new love for the song!
    1. Oil & Water – Incubus – sorry, I’m all over this CD as of late.

  5. Rising – Baloche

    Open Me – Shawn Mcdonald

    I Love you Lord – Jason Morant

    More than Ever – Robbie Reider (vineyard music)

    Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle

  6. I just found out about Family Force Five. In fact I wrote about them in my blog today:

    Check it out

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