Could it be????


You know I’m not a American Idol fan by any means, in fact I pretty much despise the show. I find it hard to believe record companies can find good talent let alone give some punk kid a record contract based on critera set by 13 year old girls and there moms. Point being that Chris Daughtry was “voted off” and is doing better than that gray haired freak that won. Now this is not to say that I don’t catch the headlines of what’s been happening. Tis the reason for this post. I couldn’t help but be shocked and amazed how much this Idol Sanjaya Malaker looks like Esqueleto from Nacho Libre! Someone should get these to kids together. Word on the street says this kid sucks but still remains on the show. Again my point has been made for me.


9 Responses to “Could it be????”

  1. You know you own Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway album!

  2. And I rock that sucker with the windows down!

  3. I’ll admit, I liked Tyler (the grey haired guy from last year) – and I think it should have been him and Chris in the final two.. anyway.. Sanjaya.. yes he his HORRIBLE. Granted he can sing, but he’s not good enough to be the “next American Idol.” However, if Sanjaya does make it to the final 2 for some weird reason.. I WILL call in and vote for him. Why? Cuz if Sanjaya goes through and wins it all, I have a feeling Simon will bust a nut and that will be the end of American Idol. ( one could only hope, right? )

  4. I admit I watch American Idol, The rumor out today is that there is a company that is paying employee’s to call in votes for him!

  5. I wonder if Sanjaya has been baptized…..hmmmmmm?

  6. Sanjaya sucks at singing i hate his mo-hauk

  7. First of all,,,,every year the public tries to find someone to pic on and the year it PICK on the “INDIAN” kig…hey incase you didnt know he is also half italian. Sanjaya is not as bad as people say and HOWARD STEAN is full of himself…he is just trying to get more publicity. People seem to forget all the pre teens and teens out there who adore this guy….after all isn’t it the viewers choice. There has not been an instance where he forgot his words,,,he might be weak sometimes but DO NOT compare HIM to miss WANNABE goodie Dr.Doolittle – experienced singer. If the show wants to be fair then separate experienced from inexperience singers. BTW what have we heard lately from the big guy….whats his name again…dont rem. But I am sure we will REM the name SANJAYA MALAKAR. now I am pissed and will continue supporting HIM.

  8. You know I was going to delete Stacy’s comments to saver her the embarrassment but I think it should stay to further prove my point.

  9. If you don’ t watch American Idol , you’ re not interested in this. If you do watch American Idol, you’ re probably only marginally interested in my take on the top 10.

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