Tiny Planets


I am sure many of you have seen panorama’s before. This is a pretty sweet step further. This is a 360° panoramic of Paris. I was going through my Blogroll and upon visiting the Steve Tolleson Blog I made this totally amazing and excellent discovery!

Rob Park is a photographer living in Edmonton, Alberta. Like most of us designers/photographers he’s a computer geek and is always messing around with images and new ideas to make them more interesting. You can learn more about him here and also view his in depth tutorial on how to make these wicked awesome globes out of your own back yard. You should know that you will need a little equipment in order to successfully create this effect. You can also visit his Flickr page and see a tone of his planets. If you dig a little you can download them at full size and make wicked awesome desktops to impress your friends


3 Responses to “Tiny Planets”

  1. That is really really really cool….nice find

  2. I should point out that the flickr page you link to is somebody else. I haven’t done any planets, although it’s an interesting idea!

    My panoramas can be found here:


    Sorry for not having more, I’ve just done a bit of a culling of the photos on my website. 😉

  3. Tiny planets are defiantly photography at the extreme, which is no surprise how hard they are to do. I’ve been experimenting with them as well if you like to check some more out on my blog.

    I found your site by searching for the tiny planets and Im glad I did because your blog rocks, I’ll defiantly be a frequent visitor.

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