Now Me and The Hoff can ride!


Yeah so the stang is out. Got to drive it to work today and what do you know I was 5 minutes early. I may have found the recipe for being punctual. All the same it feels good to have her back on the road. Hopefully there won’t be anymore snow for a while. Oh and thanks again to Jackie for creating this image. For the original post with this picture head on over to my old blog.


2 Responses to “Now Me and The Hoff can ride!”

  1. That picture is HILARIOUS. The stang is sweet man. Very jealous. When I was 15, I made an agreement with a neighbor to purchase his 71 Mach 1 Mustang when I was 16. I worked like crazy to pay for it. Then, I decided to have a little “fender bender” in a parking lot when I was still 15, which took every penny out of my bank account to settle out of court.

    The good news – I got my to get my drivers license when I was 16

    The bad news – I lost my 71 stang because I had no money left.

    I cry every time I see one of those things. Now that the new stangs look like the old ones….I still cry.

  2. […] And Jason finally broke out his GT. […]

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