Happy Birthday Cincinnati Reds

reds_birthday.jpgThis little piece of information heard on the radio this morning has really got me excited about the upcoming season, despite the 2 inches of snow I found on the ground this morning! It turns out that the Reds are the oldest baseball team in the Majors. They were first established in 1886 so that would make them 141 years old. That’s pretty awesome. Now I am not really a big Reds fan but I do like Ken Griffey Jr.

Here is a little info on the Reds.

The original “Red Stockings”

The original Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball’s first openly all-professional team, were founded in 1866, turning professional in 1869. The Red Stockings won 130 straight games throughout 1869 & 1870, before the Brooklyn Atlantics defeated them. Star players were brothers Harry and George Wright, Fred Waterman, and pitcher Asa Brainard.

The Red Stockings disbanded after the 1870 season. A new Cincinnati Red Stockings team became a charter member of the National League in 1876, five years after the first Red Stockings team. The second Red Stockings team was expelled from the league after the 1880 season, in part for violating league rules by serving beer to fans at games, and for their refusal to stop renting out their ballpark, the Bank Street Grounds, on Sundays.
[edit] The American Association

Following the expulsion, a third Cincinnati team of the same name became a founding member of the American Association, a rival league that began play in 1882. That team (which is the same franchise of today) played for nine seasons in the American Association and won the Association pennant in 1882. The pennant winning club still holds the record for the highest winning percentage of any Reds club to date (.688). In November of 1889, the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Brooklyn Dodgers both left the Association for the National League. In the move, the Red Stockings dropped “Stockings” from their name.

The Reds will also be getting a new look for this season too. The Reds revealed their new uniforms in December. The home caps will return to all-red with a white wishbone C, lightly outlined in black. The caps with red crowns and black bill will be used on the road. Additionally, the sleeveless jerseys will be abandoned for more traditional shirts. The numbers and the lettering for the names on the backs of the jerseys will be changed to an early-1900s style typeface. It had been rumored that navy blue was to make a return as a trim color, but that has been denied. The alternate club logo and jersey emblem will be the moustachioed Mr. Red from 1956.

On that note….GO TIGERS!


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