Internet Aggravation

You know I try not to complain about too much especially on a blog. It just seems so whiny and stupid. So that being said I am going to complain.

I don’t know about you other internet users but I am so sick of seeing some half dressed girl sticking her butt out at me on every banner ad that pops up on the Internet. I am at work and I go to a font website to look for inspiration and what do I get in my side panels? Some chick doing a little dance in her underthings. It drives me banana’s! It’s like come on does everyone have to be subjected to that crap everywhere they go. Myspace is the biggest offender by far. I don’t know how many times I have to refresh before I  get something that is safe to have on my screen. Oh and forget about signing out. There is always some  scantly clad young lass to wish me farewell when ever I try to leave. Most of the time I hit sign out and then close the window before she pops up. Anyway I just thought I would share my frustration. Is there something we can do about this? Can I get an Amen?


11 Responses to “Internet Aggravation”

  1. First of all AMEN! Second of all I have only one question. If you find myspace so offensive then why do you still use it. I mean if everyone who was offended by this crap would stop using those sights that carry it wouldn’t it help. At the least you would taking away a major source of frustration. Seriously Jason if someone kept reading playboy for the articles but was offended by pornography what would the answer be? Do you really need “myspace” in your life? I am not trying to be critical here just practicle. I love you man! B4T

  2. This is true Dougie! Point taken, however this doesn’t account for all the other sites with ads that smack you in the face as you navigate the super highway. I think the reason to the rhyme is that anything popular besides this blog of course, is going to be heavily solicited with this type of material. I guess that’s my beef. Sure cut myspace out but unless EVERYONE who has a problem with these ads speaks up sooner or later it will be unsafe to check your email.

  3. If sex didn’t sell, it wouldn’t be out there.

  4. You are dead on with that superdude. You are just one person who is giving a specific about one sight but we all have to start somewhere. Myspace is not a site that I ever go to but I am going to take a long look at the ones I do go to and see what I want to take out of the rotation. B4T

  5. Never say never Dougless. I believe someone close to you was discovered on said MySpace. It has MANY benefits despite it’s flaws.

  6. I am not personally dissing myspace and you are right I would not have a relationship with my daughter without it. But, where should we draw the line! Jason was giving a specific problem with a specific website. My solution was to simply stop going there. We can make a difference even if it is only for our own personal peace of mind. BTW, I never did say the word never in either of my previous comments! So there. B4T

  7. Why am I picturing you with your tongue out right now?

  8. firefox…plugin ad blocker…get it

  9. Hey can that remember to block things in that iFrame or do you have to block it every time you go to that page?

  10. i pretty sure it can remember…its called adblock plus

  11. Amen…and amen. “Underthings”….still laughing.

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