The best thing since…

There are no words for this video.


2 Responses to “The best thing since…”

  1. Hmmm 2 adjustments necessary:
    Ability to adjust the distance.
    Ability to toss bottles for us import fellas!


    My daughter likes to play in the fridge (she’s only a year and a half) and I asked my wife if it would be evil to teach her to bring Daddy a beer! HAHAHA. I said it could work well for her too. We could keep the wine bottles on the bottom of the pantry and she’d be set too!
    I’m gonna spend a day in hell for that aren’t I?

  2. pastorhawkins Says:

    ….that is too cool, but I’m afraid it would shake it up to much and make a big mess.

    Man, are we lazy or what?!!

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