Friday Top 5

Well it has been a sad week. There has virtually been no music on this trip, a part from whatever Russell decides to sing in the shower or while he goes to the bathroom. So I have decided to post the top 5 things I’ve done this week.

5. Got my shoes shined.

4. Went to a pretty sweet comic book store.

3. Ate at Chipolte for lunch. This place is awesome. I had the best fajita of my life!

2. Went to millennium park and saw the Cloud Gate sculpture. Got some sweet pictures but I will have to wait till I get back to the office to download them from my camera.

1. Learned some wicked awesome Flash with my buddy Russ.

All-in-all this was a pretty sweet trip. Now I get to enjoy one last awesome lunch and dinner before we head back to Michigan. I’ll have a full debriefing on monday complete with pictures and restaurants. Have a great weekend.


7 Responses to “Friday Top 5”

  1. 5. u need pepper sprat
    3. mmmmmmmm
    2. thats awesome
    1. FLASH! wooo…cant wait for the new CS3 wonder if flash is coming with it…ive got flash 8 now

  2. Flash 9 is coming soon. Our instructor is a beta tester for it. He said it is very nice. We will talk comics soon my firend. I don’t want to show my nerd hand too soon. Although I my character frame is pretty small. Some of my Favorites other than Superman is Frank Miller stuff and the revamped Ultimate Spiderman stuff is really awesome.

  3. Dark Knight
    Witching Hour
    V for vendeta

    Oh yeah baby

    Flash 9 cool.
    ive working on photoshop CS3 beta now and its awesome…a little buggy but cant wait to send 4 car payments on

  4. I like Chipolte they have great food.

  5. Everytime Russ has gone to chicago I tell him go to Chipolte! I am glad he finally listened. I love that place.

  6. Millenium Park is SCHWEET!! Can’t wait to see your pics!
    Dude your nerd hand has already been shown but its well respected by us fellow nerds!
    Fortunately, I’m no longer an active nerd. Lost my comic book hand in college and haven’t been in the game since.

  7. Best comic out there: Groo

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