Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

It’s time now for the Top 5 songs of the week.

5. “The Guide” By Borne. This is the free song of the week on iTunes. Well worth it because anything free is worth saving up for.

4. “Shine On” By Need To Breath. This is a great song and the singer does an excellent John Meyer impression

3. “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?” The Rolling Stones. Probably the best intro to a song known to man (Besides Smells Like Teen Spirit or Sweet Child Of Mine). I first heard it in the Movie Blow. Awesome song.

2. “Where Is My Mind” By The Pixies. This song I listened to constantly while in college. I was often wondering where my mind was at 4am while assembling a 50 page book I designed when my printer runs out of ink! Also at the end of Fight Club.

1. “Never Let Go” By Matt Redman. This is a awesome song and I get to play it this Sunday as a part of our worship. Very exciting.

Well that’s the list. As always post your 5 of the week.


6 Responses to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week.”

  1. 1. Oh the Glory of It All – DCB

    2. Mudfootball – Jack Johnson

    3. Glorious – Chris Tomlin

    4. Dare You To Move – Switchfoot

    5. I Want It All – Shane & Shane

  2. oh no not the stones…ahhhhh

    1. Oh the glory of it all- DCB

    2. Never let Go- Redman

    3. Created to worship- Vivki Beeching

    4. the korn with amy lee unplugged

    5. Score – Dream theater

  3. man I love me some Dream Theater.


  4. oh yeah…well if you like dream theater check out the christian equivalent savior machine…the last 4 CDs are the entire book of revelations book to music

  5. For some crazy reason, I look forward to this little feature every week. This week was a “throwback” for me. I thought I would burn my 5 up on some old school DC Talk “Jesus Freak” tunes. I got it out and have been rockin’ it all week. Still one of the best christian CD’s of all time.

    5. Jesus Freak – DC Talk
    4. Colored People – DC Talk
    3. What Have We Become? – DC Talk
    2. Between You and Me – DC Talk

    and the number one song from “Jesus Freak” by DC Talk ……

    1. What if I stumble? – DC Talk

  6. Yeah I love this! I wished I had thought about it, I look forward to it each week!

    5. Gypsy – Stevie Nicks – yeah I heard it on the radio and can’t shake it!
    4. Read My Mind – The Killers
    3. All I Need is You – Hillsong United – ooo yummy!
    2. Hot Dog Hot Diggety Dog – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – I have a kid and if you hear this song 1x its stuck in you for the rest of the day and we’ve danced to it every day this week!


    1. Godspeed – Anberlin – new release, new song! Loving it

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