Since Caffeine is my drug of choice and I have yet to introduce you to one of the best kept secrets in my repertory. I give you Strong Bad! This dude makes me laugh everyday. I even got the nephews hooked on his greatness. You can check out more of his hilariousness here. In the mean time enjoy this clip while I go shoot up ( I’m getting coffee mom, I swear I am just getting coffee)


7 Responses to “Caffeine”

  1. “Let me out of this tiny box!”


  2. strong bad rules….the email video of the dragon is the funiest thing ever made

  3. Dude I almost put that one up too. I should have because that one is so good. Maybe I will just for you (us).

  4. OH this is so great!
    AND he has the best song on Guitar Hero 2: TROGDOR!!

  5. TROGDOR..The BURNINATOR. lol lol

  6. I play an online video game called Guild Wars, and last night after reading these posts about Strong Bad, I decided to make a character named Trogdor the Burninator. First, it was too long. We’re only allowed 19 characters (including spaces). So I tried Trogdor Da Burninator. Nope, still too long. So I said, “okay, how about Trogdor Burninator?” It FIT!! Unfortunately, someone had already taken the name. D’oh!

  7. …Pookie, don’t scare your momma like that!

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