Photo ID Day!

Today I have the good fortune of taking all the photo IDs for the whole company. This is actually a good opportunity for me to meet some of the people in the company who I do not know. However everyone knows that work IDs are a step above driver’s license photos and a step below year book pictures. I remember how they used to hand back school pictures and kids would immediately turn the picture around so that all you could see was the white backing through the enormous plastic screen on the package. As a side note. I will be posting Russell’s picture as soon as it is ready. If you would like a hi-rez copy the bidding will start at $5.


6 Responses to “Photo ID Day!”

  1. And what about YOUR mugshot…err, photo? Will that be up for laughs and bids as well? Hmmmmmmmm????

  2. You’ve known me for how long? And worked next to me for how many years? And you still don’t know that my name has 2 ‘L’s ?

  3. Sure. Why not? Keep checking back you never know when they will pop up!

  4. I don’t know what you’re talking about Russe LL.

  5. Ohh i had to do this once, ended up being kinda fun, what trying to make ppl smile & all.

  6. I got a quarter! Can I see his picture for a quarter? B4T

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