Chuck Talks, You Listen!

chuck.pngSo I have decided to start a little feature everyday until I get board or you guys tell me to stop. Chuck Norris Facts of the day. I swear these will make you laugh into a urinating fit. These wonderful facts about this 70’s and 80’s action god are brought to you in part by apple widgets. If you have a Mac, well you really don’t need this blog to get great Chuckisems but it does save space on your hard drive. Also I am sure the mudpuppy will remind you of the post he did on this subject a ways back, if you ask nicely. Your Chuck Norris Fact of the day is…

“Chuck Norris Played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.”

Click here to pay homeage to the creator of this awesome widget.


6 Responses to “Chuck Talks, You Listen!”

  1. My boss is really good friends with Chuck Norris. No joke, I saw the Christmas card he sent her. I guess he comes into the office too, at least once a year so we can plan the campaign strategy for the charity, Kickstart.

  2. OH thank you! Thank you! For us lowly PC guys who haven’t made the jump yet to a Mac! Thank you! This is great!

  3. I was a HUGE fan of Chuck when I was younger. Something about Walker, Texas Ranger just made my interest in him fade. Or maybe I just got older. Cuz I used to be a big Van Damme fan, too.

  4. chuck Rules…..!!!!!!!!

    Side note…love the superman banner…I am a huge comic fan…I used to draw comics for a living and man they rock

  5. Then you and I should talk Sir. I love Superman as you can tell. Also check back in a little while. The next Chuckism will really make you smile.

  6. Dalton McGuire Says:

    did you know that chuck norris sleeps with a night light not cause he’s afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him
    after a long night of parting chuck norris doesnt throw up he throws down
    did you know chuck norris went to burger king asked for a bigmac and got one

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