Crap…What is the name of that song?


So if you love music you might have had this problem. You’re watching a movie and you are totally drawn in by a song playing in the background. Sometimes it’s the “getting ready to kick some butt” anthem blaring to get the guy pumped, or it could be the “I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye.” ballad making you remember when you had to take the girlfriend to the airport. Or how about “The grand slow-mo entrance with four of your buddies flanking you.” the Tarantino signature move. Whatever it is there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find out the name of the song so you can download buy it. Well this morning I found the answer to your prayers. It’s called Soundtrack Info. Check it out it is awesome.


3 Responses to “Crap…What is the name of that song?”

  1. What a great site man. Thanks so much.

  2. wow…great site…also great if you ever need to remember that first song you and your wife or girlfriend kissed, danced to…now that i think of it we never had a song…man I need to come up with one

  3. One of my all time favorite songs comes from the movie “One Crazy Summer”. At the very end, there is a song by the group “Honeymoon Suite” called “What does it take”. It’s there…trust me. One of the greatest movies and songs of all time.

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