Lucky to live in Michigan and have a job!

052203-unemployment.gifSo it seems every morning I drive to work and hear more depressing news about the state of our State. I was shocked to hear that 1 out of every 9 people have to buy food stamps in the state of Michigan. Now I know that statistics are meant to shock and spin information but you can’t help with all the news reports about all the automotive plants and other companies laying people off that there might be a little truth to that shocking fact. I thank God every day that I have a great job doing what I love.

I never took an econ class but it seems to me that the world must once again adapt to an ever changing world. The ages are getting shorter as technology speeds up. By Age I mean the industrial age, computer age, the information age, each age has gotten shorter while our work force tries to keep up. Advances in technology develop so quickly that we haven’t had enough time to think about the worker. Don’t get me wrong, technology is great but what is it’s ultimate purpose? Speed and efficiency. Unfortunately having both these qualities leads to someone losing their job. In most cases hundreds of people losing their jobs. The days of auto workers getting fat with overtime and having ten guys to do one job are over. Greed has made sure of that. So where do we go from here? So now I open the floor to you guys and gals. What can we do to help Michigan? How do we put people back to work and pull our declining real estate out of the gutter?


4 Responses to “Lucky to live in Michigan and have a job!”

  1. No answers here, but I heard something this weekend that put our economy into a new perspective.

    Michigan’s economy is worse than Louisiana, and we haven’t even gone through a Katrina…

    Let that one marinate a bit…

  2. Well, since he hasn’t been blogging lately, let me take the RIGHT side view of this? When are we as a state going to elect state officials that will do whatever they can to bring industry to the state of Michigan? The liberals have had quite a crack at this and haven’t shown me anything. Just my thoughts. B4T

  3. Stay the course.. in 7 years we will all be blown away..

  4. And that’s why I have 2 bachelor degrees… and moved. Shockingly enough, after only being in Houston for 2 months I was able to land me the job I have always wanted, when it took over a year and a half for me back in 2001 – which I ended up going back to school instead.

    My dad just found him a job, after looking for a year and a half. He’s back where it all started, The Detroit News. I’m hopeful that things will work out for him, and he won’t have to face looking for a job again. Granted, it’s not the best paying job, but it’s better than his last job, and unemployment.

    As the man always said, never be embarrassed to have a job. No matter what. In regards to Michigan, ya’ll got screwed again – Jenny of the Block, still remains. Have fun.

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