Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

It’s that time again. This was the longest week I’ve had in a long time. Luckily I had some great tunes to get me through.

5. “Undone” By Lifehouse. This song was a late arrival. I hadn’t heard this song until yesterday. I guess when you have 6,706 songs in your iTunes one or two might get over looked for a while.

4. “Bullet” By Mat Kearney. As you might now Mat Kearney is my new favorite cd. This is a great song.

3. “Wait” By Mat Kearney.

2. “Punkrocker” By The Teddy Bears (Featuring Iggy Pop). Pretty much everyone who has a Tv has heard this song. It’s the one that is playing during the Cadillac commercial. You know the one that shows all the different models over the past 50 years. Awesome commercial and song.

And coming in this week at number 1. “In the Middle” By Mat Kearney. I could have easily had Mat cover the entire list but that’s just boring. Just buy the cd and you’ll see what I mean.

As always please comment with your top 5.


One Response to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week.”

  1. A day late on mine….

    1. God is God – Steven Curtis Chapman
    2. Keep Singing – Mercyme
    3. Far Away – Nickleback
    4. It’s Not Over – Daughtry
    5. The Great Divide – Scott Stapp

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