Travelin’ Man

So my friend Jackie sent me this link this morning. This is truley amazing on so many levels. It also begs the question if you could go anywhere in the world what would be your top 5? I’m talking specifics. Here’s mine.

1. Sistine Chapel. Vatican City, Italy.
2. Stonehenge. Wiltshire, England.
3. The Louvre. Paris, France.
4. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
5. The Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


2 Responses to “Travelin’ Man”

  1. I LOVE IT!

    Not specific, but I’d love to go to Australia / New Zealand.

  2. 1. The “Dean Dome” – University of North Carolina
    2. Cameron Indoor (especially on a night like tonight -UNC 79 – Duke 73)
    3. Wrigley Field
    4. Fenway Park (Fenway Paaak if your in Boston)
    5. “The Black Hole” for a Raiders Game (Yes…I am a Raider Fan!!!)

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