Becca’s Team In Training Update.

Just wanted to give you all an update on Becca’s Team In Training progress. Remember last Saturday? You know the day where it was like 2° outside and -25° with the wind chill. My wife ran 7 miles in that. I know what you’re thinking she is crazy. Well that’s what I thought too but I realized that when someone is truly dedicated to something, they don’t let obstacles stand in their way. My wife is as dedicated as they come.

Last Sunday we had a SuperBowl party to help raise a few bucks and it turned out great. Becca was able to raise $80 bucks and all ate well thanks to my Mother-in-law who makes the greatest food tasted by man. Becca and I would like to thank everyone who showed up to the party and for their generosity. Becca has been able to raise $686 so far. It’s a great start on her way to her goal of $1,500.

As well as running in memory of Becca’s Uncle Ralph, Team in Training also has what they call an honored hero. Neil Penney is just six years old and has been diagnosed with Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Neill was in remission for over two years, but recently had a central nervous relapse. Neill loves Star Wars and playing with legos.

More fund raising events are in the works for the months a head including a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament. I’ll have more details on these events soon. Until then make sure you visit Becca’s donation site here. Thanks again for all your support. We now return you to the blogging already in progress.


5 Responses to “Becca’s Team In Training Update.”

  1. She is extremely inspirational! I’m better for having you two in my life.

  2. We are lucky as well my friend…and warmer too!

  3. Aww thanks so much guys! Making me all teary eyed at work!

  4. I have to second russ’s opine. You are definitely inspirational.

  5. Good for you Becca. Your uncle would be proud. I guess I’ll stop complaining about having to WALK to my van in this cold.

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