The Long John Experiment

So Russ being the good buddy that he is, introduced me to Long Johns. I had always thought that you had to be a Redneck or a hunter to have a need for the long underwear. Apparently you can be a graphic designer and a kid from the Midwest and still qualify for a standard issue pair of Long Johns. So today is my first day wearing these marvelous man tights. I sit at my desk today with my legs feeling like freshly popped pieces of toast. So I tip my hat to you Russ, oh master of man tights for without you my legs and rear would not be as toasty this morning. Oh and thanks to the Mrs. for the hook-up. I guess she was right, I can fill these bad boys out better than you. By the way I was going to accompany this post with a picture but I found that is can be dangerous to google image search Long Johns.


13 Responses to “The Long John Experiment”

  1. That’s what she said.

  2. Reminds me of a lyric…. “L.A. face with an Oakland Booty”

  3. Dude, this almost…well reminds me of the Real Man of Genius commercial…So here’s to you oh master of man tights…Hahahahaha thats funny!!

  4. Man tights huh!!! Oh I could have so much fun with this=))) I forgot that Ruscle was master of those things. Well, it is a smart thing to wear, especially today. Yesterday, one of the school pychologists (go figure) came into work with ski goggles and gloves. Gotta love it and laugh.

  5. pastorhawkins Says:

    …two questions, one, do you have a flap in the back and if you do not…does that explain your “filling those bad boys out?”

  6. Ha…no. No flap. I have to admit that was the first thing I asked Russ when he handed them to me. I was pretty disappointed to find that there wasn’t one.

  7. pastorhawkins Says:

    …well, you know you can buy some “Oops, I Crapped My Pants,” and not worry about it….

  8. HILARIOUS! Laughing out Loud throughout the post. The hammer was the google image part. Been there, done that. There’s a certain athletic store in Indiana and Ohio (maybe elsewhere) that one should never do a google search for. Still getting therapy over that one. Great post man. Still laughing.

  9. LOL great post! Aaron, would that be Dick’s Sporting Goods, by any chance? My Sister in Law warned me about that one… there are lots of innocent google searches that can return non-innocent results…

  10. …especially at work!

  11. Sam – That would be the one…. You also don’t want to shorten that up. The correct URL is

    Mud Puppy – especially at work. That’s a sure fire way to get a call from IT…then HR…

  12. Superman always wears tights…Are they blue?…With red booties?

  13. […] taught me many things. He’s taught me the keys to staying warm in the winter with the use of man tights. He has taught me the value of a Meximelt at Taco Bell. He has spoke of the joys of sitting down to […]

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