Mat Kearney

mat-kearney.jpgSo I’m gonna go a head and get this out before Russ. He gave me a new Cd to check out this morning and I have to say it has made my morning fly by. It is awesome. It has a unique sound. A mixture of a lot of different bands that I like. It’s like a Jack Johnson meets The Fray with a little Counting Crows, Coldplay, and some Linkin Park having Coffee with Snow Patrol. Just go buy it okay. You won’t be disappointed. It’s got a really good mood to it. Lots of highs and lows. I am sure there will be some of my favs in the Friday Top 5 of the week. You can get some more info here.


13 Responses to “Mat Kearney”

  1. HA! I just got done making a Friday Five playlist and threw in one of the songs…

  2. So, who does he sound like? I have no idea who these people are that you listed! B4T

  3. Well I guess you just showed your age then.

  4. So, does he sound like Johnny Cash? Paul Simon? The Who? The Beach Boys? Styx? Journey? Elvis? Give me something here brother? B4T

  5. how about Paul Simon with a touch of Johnny and a side of the Styx

  6. I’m guessin’ that you have no idea just how that would sound, you young whippersnapper. 🙂

    I’m older’n Pudge, so I dunno who those people are, either.

  7. Well…you all know where I am in the age line up, and I know two of the groups that Superman is talking about. What does that say about me?? DO NOT answer that question. However, I am interested in hearing this cd.

  8. Well, I guess I am going to have to listen to anyone that can combine Paul Simon, Johnny Cash and Styx. That sound is either going to be too wierd for words or totally awesome! B4T

  9. Pudgeormama,

    You can listen to his music at the link Jason provided as well as here

  10. You did me right on Daughtry. I’ll check it out.

  11. […] album a few months ago without knowing anything about it, and while I was enjoying my first listen, Jason was already posting about it. Having been diagnosed recently with musical ADHD, you can understand why it’s taken me so […]

  12. kayarkseeks Says:


    VIAGRA, CIALIS, PHENTERMINE, SOMA… and other pills!

    Welcome please:


    Welcome please:


  13. Igroktectonick Says:

    Привет всем!, это лучший форум, 🙂 буду посещать его каждый день!

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