Audience Of One

daisy.jpgSo I had to share this story. Not sure if any of you know but I have a 2 1/2 year old English Bulldog named Daisy. I love this dog like it is my first born. Anyway, last night I was practicing for worship this Sunday. I was upstairs jamming away on “Audience of One” and Daisy comes loping up the stairs. She looks at me playing and walks over and sits right at my feet listening to me play. She sat there for 15 minutes just staring up at me. This was the coolest thing ever. I was either doing a good job or she was trying to get me to stop. Anyway it was pretty cool. Just thought I’d share.


3 Responses to “Audience Of One”

  1. Man when I play the dog runs and hides and howls you are one up on me

  2. When I used to play, my dog howled. I don’t play any more. I don’t have that dog any more, either. I love my dogs. They’ve made me smile more times when I’ve needed it. Good ole’ mutts.

  3. I love that dog…well I don’t know her personally. Chris and I wanted an English bulldog, but heard they get really tired and over heated quickly. So with four kids, we did not think that breed was the right choice. Bummer!!

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