Superman #1


Okay so I have to post this because I am so excited. I found a site where someone had a copy of Action Comics #1 scanned. You can read the first comic in which Superman is created! This is the Man Of Steels first appearance. Sorry probably not too big a deal for you guys but I have always wanted to read this. It is very rare. If you are interested click here


5 Responses to “Superman #1”

  1. I have that one… I use it to keep my coffee mug from leaving a ring on my end table. Is that bad?

  2. fuel to thefire. I think.

  3. I so remember going to the party store and buying those comics for .10 each. I’d take them home and read every single page. Man those were the days. I loved all the super heros and used to pretend I was each of them and how I would kick butt in sports. I was Flash during track season….I had to slow up so the timekeeper could see me! I was Stretchman during basketball and swimming …I could dunk the ball from the other end of the court…..and I would cover one length of the swimming pool with one stroke! I was Superman for football…no one could stop me!!

  4. Return to Krypton, superman lives

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