Love not compatible with eHarmony

So I heard on the radio the other day some hilarious piece of celebrity gossip about one of the people I can’t stand the most. Apparently lady rocker/murderer/widow of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love is making her first attempts at fulfilling her New Years resolutions. First on her list….Love. According to sources at eHarmony, Courtney Love joined the site but shortly after received a message from the people at eHarmony refunding her money. It turns out that only 2% of the population on the site were compatible with Courtney and therefore eHarmony could not help her find a mate!


4 Responses to “Love not compatible with eHarmony”

  1. I can imagine!

    I was thinking the other day that Doug E. Stud and his lovely bride should be on one of their commercials…

  2. The Pudgeman Says:

    Does that site really work? B4T

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  4. Interesting piece of information. This means that the Courtney Love really meant it and answered truthfully. Or that eHarmony compatibility algorithm has to be upgraded. Answering eHarmony questions is not so easy. For instance, a standard question is: “Do you think that long distance relationships can work?” It really depends on the relationship! Nonetheless eHarmony provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet someone I really love. And believe me, I really tried the system out of curiosity.

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