Give it up

Andy Stanley lead Paster of North Point Community Church was giving a lesson last week about obedience to God. He told the story In Luke about how Simon had fished all night and caught nothing. Then Jesus told Simon to go back out and let his net down once more. Of Course Simon argued a little with Jesus but went back out and let his net down. When he did the net was filled so full that it began to break apart.

Andy went on to talk about giving up our self to God. How if we just give up our pride or whatever God asks of us he will fill our void with His spirit. He went on to give an illustration. He picked a woman out of the audience and told her if she comes up on stage she and does whatever he asks of her, she will leave the stage better off than when she came. So the woman gets up and joins Andy on the stage. He tells the woman that she is to give him whatever he asks of her and she will not get it back. Even after the service he didn’t want her coming up to him asking for her stuff back. He told again if she did what she asked, she would leave the stage better off than when she came. So she agreed and Andy proceeded with his requests. He first said to the woman, “Give me five dollars.” The woman without hesitating opened her purse and gave Andy a five dollar bill. Andy then said, “That’s a nice watch you have there, although I really like that ring too.” The woman squirmed a little. Andy said, “Let me have that watch.” The woman hesitated a little and then gives Andy the watch. Then Andy looks at the ring on her finger. He says to her, “Let me have that ring.” The woman looks at Andy and looks at the ring and says, “Oh I don’t know, I just got this ring.” Andy assures her that if she does what he asks that she will leave the stage better off then when she came. The woman refuses him. “I just bought this ring and I like it too much to give it up.” Andy say, “Thank you Ma’am. Even though you didn’t give me the ring I am still going to give you what I was going to give you if you had done what I asked.” Andy then gives the woman her five dollars back, along with her watch, and with it a crisp fifty dollar bill. Even though the woman didn’t give him everything he asked of her she still left better off than when she came.

This speaks volumes about what God will give us if we are obedient to what He asks of us. I know there are a few things God wants from me I just need to give them up.


One Response to “Give it up”

  1. Great post man. Andy Stanley is one of the best communicators in the church today. He has some incredibly powerful group study stuff. There is one called “Taking to the Limit” that is all about having margin in our lives. There’s another one called “Pause” that looks closely at the 3 temptations Christ faced with the devil in Matthew 4. He shows how all 3 in some way relate to ANY temptation we will face.

    Letting go ain’t easy though.

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