The show must go on



So despite numerous obstacles both spiritual and musical, Captured went on and Rocked the Civic. We had a pretty decent turnout too. It was such a good feeling to show people that worshiping God can be more than singing lyrics you don’t understand out of a song book. “Not that there is anything wrong with that” Seinfeld quotes aside, I was very encouraged both musically and spiritually. Most importantly God has blessed me to be a part of something with four people who have changed my life in many different ways. If you didn’t get a chance to come out to the show, you can see us here 52 times a year!


6 Responses to “The show must go on”

  1. Dude, that was an amazing time! Tommy and I didn’t know if we were roadies or groupies…

  2. So what’s a guy from Ohio got to do to see Captured?

  3. I think what my brother from another mother is trying to say is, we actually do welcome Ohio State fans to worship with us occasionally. It’s written in the depths of our bylaws.

    We’d love to have you visit some time. I’ll also keep you posted on the next time they’re out in the public arena.

  4. LOL. Got ya. Me and the fam will have to take a “roadie” sometime.

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