New Friday Post

In the spirit of Russell’s Friday five I have decided to post my own little version every Friday. Since music is one of my passions I have decided to post on my top 5 songs for the week. I have so much music it is ridiculous and every week I seem to get more. So here is this weeks Top 5 counted down Kasey Kasem style.

5. “Eyes” By Rouge Wave. Made popular by the TV show HEROS

4. “Inflatable” By Bush. Awesome song off of a really bad Cd. (Golden State)

3. “Beautiful Soul” (acoustic version) By Jesse McCartney. I know I am a sissy boy but it’s a good song.

2. “The Girls Attractive” By Diamond Nights. Can’t say enough about this song. You just have to hear it. It’s so 80’s and it just makes you laugh.

And coming in at #1 “You and Me” By Lifehouse. I don’t know what it is about this song but I can’t stop listening to it. It’s up to 60 plays in my play list.

Well I hope you enjoyed some insight into my musical tastes for the week. I am always into new music so if you have a top five for the week please post it into the comments. I would love to hear yours.


4 Responses to “New Friday Post”

  1. Great call on that Daughtry CD. I downloaded it last night and have not stopped listening to it (well, I stopped to sleep, but you get the idea). I would add “Home” to that list as well.

  2. I told you man. I was so surprised when I heard it. Glad I could help you out. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll too!

  3. I love this topic and am extremely glad it will be a weekly feature! Here’s my very slanted list at the moment…

    Beauty Divine – Brandon Heath

    Typical – Mute Math

    Chaos – Mute Math

    Noticed – Mute Math

    Reset – Mute Math

    If I had a copy of it and were able to listen at will, The Glory Of It All by the David Crowder Band would no doubt be at the top of the list.

  4. Will this make my Superman stocks on trendio rise?

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