iphone.jpg You know as hard as I try I can’t seem to not want the latest and greatest. Technology is near and dear to my heart and that means I am a big fan of Apple. I think if I were able to go back in time I would have taken every dollar of my allowance and birthday money and put it into Apple stock. Anyway, the newest of the new is the Apple iPhone. Although sleek stylish I do see draw backs.

1. It is $500+. That right there is enough for me to stop the draw backs but I’ll continue for my money bag audience.

2. It is only available for Cingular for at least three years after it’s release. (I have Verizon)

3. It’s an Apple product which means there will be three more improvements made after I buy one. It happens every time.

Ok so there aren’t many drawbacks so far but after all the phone isn’t even out yet. Anyway looking at the pros of this device what you have is a computer with the delightful convenience of a phone built right in. This opens the door to ridiculous possibilities. The freakishly cool touch screen will change the way people use portable devices. Could this really be the end of the button? The phone even knows when you didn’t mean to touch it? Even humans sometimes have trouble with that…. Put that together with wireless internet, an iPod, a camera, the phone of course, and the OSX software you have something even Jack Bauer doesn’t have! The iPhone may prove to be the best piece of Technology we’ve seen in a decade! Now I can tell my grand kids that I was alive when Apple invented the iPhone just like some of you old geezers who brag about the automobile. So come on you know you want one.


2 Responses to “iWant”

  1. Here’s my plan (similar to yours)…

    Wait out that 3 year Cingular contract with hopes that it will be open to Sprint by then. If not, my contract will be up and I can think about switching

    By then 2 other things will have happened:

    1. The kinks will have been worked out and new features added

    2. The price will have dropped considerably

    I have been waiting for an iPhone since the video iPods came out.

  2. Since I am held hostage by (errrrrrr), a contract holder with Verizon Wireless, I broke down and got the Motorola Q last weekend. I gotta admit I am digging it. The battery lasts about as long as it takes to go from the charger to my pocket, but otherwise, it will have to do as a poor mans iPhone.

    Thanks for the blogroll by the way!

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