The Devil inside.

You know those people who seem to bring out the worst in you? I’m not talking about someone who is a bad influence I’m talking about someone that you don’t get along with. Someone that brings out a nasty side of you. Upon some reflection the other day I realized that there are people in my life that I begin to act different when they come around. I judge them and put everything they say and do under the microscope. They somehow manage to change my personality. The sad thing is some of them have never done a single thing to me but every time they come around my mood changes. It’s kinda like, no wonder they don’t like me. If I acted this way to my friends I wouldn’t have any. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem before. The more I think about it the more I realize that if I was civil to these people we’d probably get along. I think a lot of times in relationships you have to get over yourself in order to have one. Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “The Devil inside.”

  1. You are certainly not alone in this. I have had people that can change my mood without having to be in the same building. Just the thought of them can put me in a bad mood. I don’t think this is the case as much any more as it used to be, but I was real bad not too long ago. For all I know, I might still be with a few folks. There are a few at work who annoy me enough to occasionally change my mood, but I try to stay away from them and if I do need to talk to them, it’s important that I try to keep it civil…or lighthearted if possible.

  2. I’ve have a post in my head on this very subject. Basic question, why do some people bring out the worst in us? Even if other people do the same things, it’s just that this person is doing them that bothers you. I struggle with this daily.

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