Drinking Sprite while driving a Toyota and talking on your Sprint Cell Phone = 24

So I am once again I am hooked on 24. Last year I borrowed seasons 1-3 from my good buddy Russ and watched them in about a month and then immediately went out and bought season 4. I finished that just in time to watch season 5. Watching all 5 seasons in a row made me realize how bad the product placement is in this show. It seems that it gets worse every year. Last year the big thing was everyone had a Motorola Razor cell phone. Now it seems that Toyota will be the new ride of choice for Jack when he has to make a quick getaway. GMC is a close second, with the members of CTU’s tactical team showing up in SUVs that always roll to a stop with the front grill clearly in view. Surprisingly enough these things didn’t really get to me as much as it might seem. The real poop in the punch bowl was that in order to see the previews to the next episode you have to TXT Jack on a Sprint cell phone. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!! Coming in at close second on my irritation meter is this GEM. Who would buy this? It’s not even a full season? I would honestly like to know if this stuff works on people? Do people really see this stuff and say, “hey I think I will go buy a sprite.” Anyway I’m curious to know your opinion of the out right (pardon the expression) whoring of a TV show?


2 Responses to “Drinking Sprite while driving a Toyota and talking on your Sprint Cell Phone = 24”

  1. It’s the new wave of advertising. The Apprentice and Talladega Nights went a long way toward changing some of the methodology. Expect to see much more of this in the future. Personally, I think it’s more effective than commercials. Take that Sprint phone Jack used in the first episode. He entered the longitude and latitude to find an address. I was saying to myself, “who has a phone like that?” Then they had a commercial for it at the next break.

    As long as it’s done in a relevant fashion, it doesn’t kill me too much. But the crystal white SUV used in the night escape in the Season 6 prequel, that was so out of place it was disgusting!

  2. I had a class in high school where we talked about this stuff and the teacher said it was to just get in your head. After I read your post I really feel like having a sprite. The more you see it the more it appeals to you. It doesn’t bother so much. Maybe they’ll have so much of it, they can cut commercials!

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