Quick question?

I work in a office/house where there are a hand full of people around me. Now given the season we’re in there are a lot of colds going around, hence a lot of sneezing. Which brings me o my question? Should I feel obligated to say “bless you” after every sneeze in the office? If so I think I would go crazy? Am I bad that I give a person one blessing per day? Your thoughts?


4 Responses to “Quick question?”

  1. Well if someone just sneezes a lot, I say it a couple times and then tell them God Bless you for the rest of the day! There that solves it! : )

  2. I encountered the same question myself awhile back. I am now stictly a silent partner in the sneezing game.

  3. Since seven is the number of perfection in the bible….and God rested on the seventh day….I think you are supposed to stop at 6. They covered that in Christian Beliefs class in college. I missed it thought….because I was sick.

    Couldn’t resist….

  4. Speaking of religions and numbers in the bible, last night I wrote out our contribution check for the week and when I went to enter it in Quicken I noticed the check number was 666.


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