Mars Hill

So yesterday I went to Mars Hill Bible church in Grand Rapids to see Rob Bell and David Crowder. It was awesome! You know when I was younger I hated going to a new church, especially if it didn’t have the words Church Of Christ in it. That meant it was really bad. I would spend the entire time judging every thing they did, comparing it to the way my church did church. To see if they measured up or got it right. When the Lord Supper was served, if they did an invitation song. If they stood for the last song before the sermon, you know all the scriptural commands? (Ha.) As I got older I started to realize that different denominations had different things to offer. That tradition shouldn’t get in the way of God! Yesterday there was no Lord Supper (they take it once a month) and the “sermon” were very insightful points about our worship to God. Rob closed his thoughts with a prayer and David Crowder lead us in worship. The whole service lasted an hour. Oh and Rob did something very strange but awesome at the end. He said “may peace be with you, and the crowd responded “and also with you”. Awesome stuff. Oh by the way, Mars Hill has over 3,500 people in attendance at each service and three services. Their church is an old shopping mall.


4 Responses to “Mars Hill”

  1. HEY! Isn’t that Bo & Luke Duke?

  2. No, I’m not jealous.

    Why, did someone say I was jealous?

    Because I’m not.

    Seriously, why would I be jealous?

    That would be insane of me to be jealous of your great experience.

    So, I am totally not jealous.

  3. Wow! I am reading “Velvet Elvis” right now and totally digging it. Chapter Four just about killed me last night. It was way to close to home. How very cool to visit that church AND hear Crowder.

  4. I should have been a blond. I heard the church was at a mall and I thought it was like the theather just somewhere at the mall. I really wanted to go there so you could shopping after church. Oh well. Still sounds cool.

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