I moved

Well here it is. The new blog!  Thanks to Russ I am upgrading to wordpress. So the few of you that have been reading my blog can now find me here. Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing some tweaking so be sure to check back often because you never know what you may find.


4 Responses to “I moved”

  1. Freakin’ Awesome!

    I hate it when people do better than me at my own stuff…

  2. Welcome! I love it! That Superman thing is the bomb! So, Superman….why are you ‘fraid to fly in the UFO?

  3. Good point. However surprisingly Superman was afraid of heights when he was a kid. Maybe once I get a little older UFO’s won’t seem so scary.

  4. I had you blog rolled over at Blog spot….adding you now. Welcome to the WordPress community!

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